Finistère Kitesurfing School

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Global training for an exceptional nature sport

Kitesurfing is a major innovation in the world of water sports, offering the thrills of a gliding sport, a feeling of freedom and an incomparable approach to the marine environment.
Despite its image as an extreme sport, kitesurfing is now an accessible discipline. There are no particular technical or physical constraints. From 10 to 80 years old, it’s within the reach of as many people as possible.
But kitesurfing isn’t just about gliding across the water, it’s still a nautical activity. Beyond the basic techniques, learning to kitesurf means mastering the constraints and risks associated with the marine environment.
Your AvelWest – Kitesurfing School Finistère offers you a comprehensive training programme. Your apprenticeship won’t be limited to flying a kite or a board. Our job is to prepare you to become an independent kitesurfer.


A former sailing competitor and instructor in a sailing centre, he is also a keen sailor.
Author of the award-winning book Histoires de Partir, an educational guide to preparing for a long sailing trip.
Designer of the KiteHook, a safety accessory for the solo take-off and landing of a kite.
Member of the safety committee of the Comité National Kite (Fédération Française de Vol Libre).
He is involved at federal level in improving kitesurfing safety and training kitesurfing instructors.
He has a BPJEPS Diploma in Aerotracted Gliding and is an accredited sports instructor with the Ministry of Youth and Sport.
On a personal level, he is also involved in community and civic work:
. Active member of the Finistère Kite Attitude association,
. Development of handikiting (enabling disabled people to discover or practice kitesurfing).

Kitesurfing equipment

To ensure you learn in the best possible conditions, the equipment at your disposal is renewed every year. Our fleet is made up of new equipment from top-of-the-range brands such as F-One and Flysurfer, which set the standard in the world of kitesurfing.

Matériel école AvelWest Ecole Kitesurf Finistère

Individual equipment

Your safety is our priority, so we provide you with all the appropriate personal protective equipment:

  • Radio for greater safety and personalised advice in real time
  • Helmet
  • Floatation aid waistcoat
  • Harness
  • Wetsuit (personal wetsuit recommended, 5/4mm thick. Discounted hire available)

More information on What personal equipment should I bring for my lessons?


Our AvelWest boat is a RIB with a 60hp engine, specially adapted for kitesurfing lessons. It is used for safe supervision, but also as a teaching tool, particularly for open water sessions when weather conditions allow.
In calm winds, towed glide lessons will also allow you to learn how to glide at sea and pilot a board or foil without having to worry about handling your kite.


Affectionately known as the Kitemobile,
the school’s vehicle is a pickup fitted out to bring the equipment as close as possible to the spots.
In this way, the school becomes itinerant.
Depending on wind and tide conditions, the Kitemobile can be used to choose the best spot for safety and teaching.

Nautical Centre

We welcome you to the Landéda Sailing Centre, which has just been completely renovated. It is located on the very privileged site of the port of Aber Wrac’h, where our boat has a place on the pontoon. The infrastructure of the Sailing Centre is also ideal for theory lessons, post-session debriefings, access to the changing rooms, but also for a well-deserved hot shower or to share a drink in a warm atmosphere.


Our instructor has a state diploma (BPJEPS Glisse Aérotractée n° BP4LMP220010) and is approved as a sports instructor by the Ministry of Youth and Sport (Carte professionnelle n° 02922ED0016).
AvelWest, Ecole Kitesurf Finistère is approved by the Fédération Française de Vol Libre (FFVL n°13955).
It has been awarded the EFK – Ecole Française de Kite (French Kite School) label, guaranteeing strict compliance with a set of specifications for the quality of its teaching.