Course Organisation

Pilotage d'une aile avec AvelWest Ecole Kitesurf FinistèreApprentissage du pilotage d'une board - session tractée - AvelWest Ecole Kitesurf Finistère


At AvelWest, our approach to teaching is very clear: an instructor cannot simply be a good technician. He or she is above all a teacher whose first qualities are the ability to analyse and adapt, patience, generosity and humour. This is our 2nd commitment: your lesson will always take place in a calm and smiling atmosphere.

Number of participants

The quality, ease and safety of learning to kitesurf depend largely on the proximity and availability of your instructor during the lessons.
4 students is a lot. 5 is too many.
One of AvelWest’s fundamental strengths is that we limit our lessons to a maximum of 2 or 3 students.
This makes it possible to adapt and individualise the training to the needs, profile and pace of each student.

Some arithmetic…
For a 3-hour lesson, depending on the number of students, how much time will your instructor be able to give you for personal supervision and support?
3 hours / 3 students = 1 hour
3 hours / 4 students = 45 minutes
3 hours / 5 students = 35 minutes

Course duration

All our practical and theoretical courses are scheduled to last 3 hours. Depending on the conditions, they can be extended to 30 minutes. Find out more.

Types of courses on offer

Kitesurfing is a natural sport that is completely dependent on wind, sea and tide conditions. It therefore requires constant adaptation, with the types of courses and practice environments selected accordingly. This is one of the cornerstones of safety and good teaching practice.

That’s why the AvelWest kitesurfing school offers you the best of all worlds. Depending on the conditions, your level and your expectations, we offer the following types of course:

  • Courses in shallow or open water
  • Kiteboarding lessons (land)
  • Towing lessons (boat)
  • Supervised sailing
  • Accompanied sailing
  • Becoming autonomous in kitesurfing” course

More details in the Nature of courses section.

Photo and video support

Smile, you’re being filmed… During the lessons, your instructor will take photos of your exploits ???? . These videos and photos are a valuable teaching aid to help you progress. They allow you to see any shortcomings in your technique and to identify areas for improvement.

At the end of your course, we’ll provide you with a digital album of these photos and videos. Good memories to share with your friends and family, and to consume without moderation. Examples